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Videos that last a lifetime

We craft films that will transport you to your special day every time you view it. We don’t create films just to watch today, but for your 50th anniversary, to show your grandkids – a reminder of the beginning of your adventure together.



We pride ourselves on crafting personal and customized films for every couple. Our goal is to create a true representation of your most special day.

wedding videography


Dallas Wedding Films began offering wedding videography services to DFW and the surrounding area in 2007. Since then, we have captured the special day for hundreds of couples. Our goal is to give an accurate representation of your big day. A wedding day goes by so quickly that we want you to be able to remember certain moments and maybe see some details that you might have missed in the hustle and bustle of the day.

Our wedding videography services are affordable and we try to work with your budget. We aren’t interested in upselling on unnecessary options, but we will be honest with you about different elements that could help to deliver your perfect wedding video. We list our pricing on our website so you can set your budgetary expectations from the beginning.

We also offer a quick turnaround time compared to our competitors. Too many times, we see the horror stories of couples having to wait months or even over a year to receive their wedding video or photos. Our set turnaround time is 3 weeks or sooner. Hopefully, you are anxiously awaiting the delivery of your finished wedding video… we don’t want you to wait longer than you have to.

Thank you for considering Dallas Wedding Films as your wedding videography provider. We hope to work with you on crafting the perfect video of your big day.